GETTING STARTED . . . what we'll do for you.


First, an "organizing expert" will come to your location, take measurements, inventory your articles, brainstorm with you and present several options.

*A quicker alternative to this visit is that you can take your own measurements, snap some photos and do a quick inventory. Once we get this information we can form an initial plan.


Next, we'll draft a proposal to suit your individual needs and budget. You'll see exactly how your space will be used. This takes a day or two. Many times a design can be upgraded or changed later.


Then, we'll discuss exactly what can be done and the cost. We want you to be comfortable with the design and price. We're committed to meeting your needs at a price you can afford.

4) Installation:

  • Most installations can be done within a week and usually take a day or less.

  • Some installations (custom laminate systems) may require a down payment before we can schedule your job.

  • Everything will be done to your satisfaction and approval. We'll treat your home with respect and clean up afterwards, so you can move right in.

  • All material and labor are guaranteed, should a problem arises we'll fix it fast.

So call, e-mail or fax today and get on the road to a more organized home or office. You'll never regret being better organized.

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