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We can design and install a custom closet system to meet your organizing needs. Both Closet Maid wire shelving and melamine/laminate (Preferred Woodworks) closet systems are available. Our prices are very competitive (compared to those fancy California ones). Years ago we all lived simpler lives with fewer possessions including clothing. Since we all have so much to store, we need to carefully consider how and where we store those items whether clothing, towels, blankets, food, toys, games, books, etc.

Our business is helping you solve these storage and organization challenges. Having lots of stuff isn't the real problem consider all the material libraries have yet they don't fill up or seem cluttered.

Maximize Your Storage

Maximizing storage space in your closets, pantry and garage is our specialty. In fact, it's our only business. We serve the Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota area (Twin Cities) with our expert design and careful installation of quality storage materials (both laminate and ventilated wire). We recognize that most home and commercial storage areas are highly inefficient wasting 50-75% of available space.

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We offer a wide variety of materials to
meet your storage needs. Our expertise is
space designing and helping you see the
possibilities. We'll customize storage...

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Walk-In Closets are small rooms
(sometimes not so small) which you can
enter. Sometimes larger ones become
dressing rooms with mirrors...

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First, our "organizing expert" will come to
your location, take measurements, inventory
your articles, brainstorm with you and
present several options. ...

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